I am a North Bay finance and accounting professional with a passion for providing business critical services, support, and analysis to people providing services and making premium products, so they can focus on their craft. If you think that your time would be better spent doing what you love, let me handle the finances.

Together, we can find a solution for your accounting needs.

How can I address your accounting needs?


I'll handle maintaining the books, so you can focus on your trade.


Making sure all transactions hitting the bank are included in your book ledger insures you have the best possible grasp on cash available and planning for cash flow.


Tax laws and regulations are always changing and I know how to navigate you through those changes and make tax time feel less stressful.


I'll handle processing your payroll so your employees are paid on-time and payroll taxes and forms are filed before their deadlines.

Financial Reports

Having timely and useful financial reports is the best way to gauge the success of your business and guide your decisions.


I'll work to provide reasonable assurance on the financial statements being audited.